Will there be general public access?

Yes, in 2006. Our target opening date will be in early summer. Parks Division staff will be working throughout the fall and winter updating management plans, writing grants, securing funds and volunteer support, and constructing a trailhead and trail linkages to meet our goals. In the meantime, the Catamount Institute will continue to offer group educational programs and hikes on both Institute and county-owned property. For current access policies, view the access policy (PDF).

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1. Are there other questions that you have regarding the Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area?
2. Is it about the protection of the land?
3. Where did the money come from to buy the property?
4. Why did the Teller County government buy Catamount Ranch in the first place?
5. Why is land being traded with The Catamount Institute?
6. Will there be general public access?