What is the Board of Assessment Appeals and what does it do?

The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) hears appeals filed by real and personal property owners about their assigned property values after the CBOE has rendered a decision on the appeal of the Assessor's valuation. If you disagree with the CBOE's decision, you may appeal to the BAA within 30 days from the date of the CBOE decision.
Information about rules and the current Appeal Form.

If you do not agree with the decision of the BAA, you may appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Suggestions for Protesting Your Value

To assist you in protesting your value, please do the following:

  • Review all of the characteristics shown for your property online. Make the Assessor's office aware of any characteristics that are not correct as this will affect your estimated value.
  • Review the comparable sales data used to value your property.

There are two ways to access the data:

  1. The Assessor's Office link to the Property Records Database Search. Select an option for searching your property (name, address, legal, etc.). Bring up your property record and click on the link under your property's legal description for the comparable sales.
  2. If you do not have computer access or, if you have difficulty in accessing this information, request the comparable sales used to value your property.

Make an appointment with the appraiser who is handling your area and bring all of your information with you, including:

  1. Any appraisals done within the time frame,
  2. Any market analysis provided by a real estate broker, and
  3. Any other information that will help the appraiser

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