Office of Emergency Management

graphic image of fire rescue helicopter

Mission Statement

The Teller County Office of Emergency Management is committed to supporting, coordinating, managing, and planning with the WHOLE COMMUNITY. Our goal is to build, sustain, and improve our capacity to MITIGATE, PREPARE, RESPOND, and RECOVER from ALL HAZARDS.

Teller County Fire Ban Guide (PDF)graphic image of a fire ban guide for color-blind individuals

Attached above is the updated color-blind-friendly PDF of the Fire Restriction Guide

The Teller County Sheriff serves as the County Fire Warden and is tasked with monitoring fire danger levels and enforcing Fire Bans adopted by the County Commissioners to prevent wildfires that endanger life and property.

Are You Ready?

The Teller County Office of Emergency Management encourages citizens to take steps toward preparing themselves and their families for emergencies. The Teller County Emergency Preparedness Guide - When Disaster Strikes Home (PDF) is a comprehensive guide for citizens, with information on preparing for natural, man-made and acts of terrorism emergencies and disasters events.

Peak AlertsPeak Alerts - Serving El Paso and Teller County

Peak Alerts is the Emergency Notifications System for the El Paso and Teller County regions. Sign up for Peak Alerts so you can receive emergency and non-emergency notifications delivered to your phones, text, email, Everbridge app, and social media. Please view Peak Alerts instructional video if you need more information on how to complete your sign up.
Peak Alerts Promotional Video

Dangers Surrounding Electrical Lines

Teller County Office of Emergency Management receives an educational demonstration on the dangers surrounding electrical lines (MP4).

Homeland Security

Our Nation was dramatically changed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. These attacks required our country to refocus on the threat environments that our Nation faced to include not only the traditional spectrum of manmade and natural hazards - fires, floods, storms, hazardous material releases, pandemics, drought and disruptions to energy and information technology infrastructure - but also the deadly and devastating terrorist arsenal of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive weapons.

Following Presidential Directives and Federal Homeland Security doctrine, in August 2003 by Executive Order, the Governor of Colorado established nine Homeland Security Regions within the State. Teller County is part of the South Central All Hazards Homeland Security Region that includes El Paso, Park, Chaffee and Lake Counties. These creation of the regions was completed to foster the development of professional relationships, and establishment of partnerships among local, county, district and state emergency response agencies; non-profit and community organizations, and private business to enhance resources and capabilities to prepare, prevent, respond and recover for all hazard disaster or emergency incidents.

For more information, please view the South Central All Hazards Homeland Security Region (PDF).