Public Works

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The Public Works department provides oversight and support services for several County Departments including The Department of Transportation, Fleet Services, Facilities and Parks, all of which focus on providing valuable services to our community that ultimately enhance the quality of life in Teller County. Our goal is to provide excellence in public service to our community and to ensure that our assets are managed in a responsible manner.

A link to the individual departments are provided below for your convenience. Please direct any department specific questions to the contact person listed on the appropriate web page. Feel free to browse each link to find specific information for each department. Thank you for visiting us!

Department of Transportation

The Teller County Department of Transportation (TDOT) supports and provides the following:

  • A safe and reliable Transportation System - one that is the most efficient with the available funding.
  • Quality customer service by striving to provide maintenance levels necessary to achieve public satisfaction.
  • Ensure that projects provide the most functional and economic benefit through responsible expenditure of funds and quality intergovernmental relations.

Facilities Department

The Facilities Department supports the following responsibilities and services: the Parks Division - building and building systems maintenance - housekeeping - grounds and parking lot maintenance - construction project management - workplace safety - life safety - and general services that affect our County's efficiency; e.g., office rearrangement, furniture assembly.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services' primary objective is to control the overall costs of operating, maintaining and replacing of the County fleet of vehicles and equipment. Fleet Services will maintain the county fleet in a manner that ensures operational readiness throughout the prescribed lifecycle using proven industry standards in our maintenance practice.

Parks Division

The primary role of the Teller County Division of Parks is an emphasis on development of Community-level parks and sports complexes. The Parks Division, along with the Teller County Parks Advisory Board, recognizes the critical importance of Neighborhood parks and other park types to maintain a healthy community and a desirable quality of life. The Teller County Division of Parks currently manages or co-manages 32 acres of developed, active-use parks.

Septic Services

Hours Of Operation: 
7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday-Friday Except Holidays Walk-In Hours - 7:30 - 8:30AM Mon, Wed, Fri at CDD offices in Woodland Park