Public Health & Environment

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To prevent disease and to protect and promote the health of Teller County, Colorado citizens by assuring quality preventative health programs and services.

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RSV and Updated COVID Vaccine Info

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2024 Save the Date March 1, Suicide Awareness Symposium

Communicable Diseases Info

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Community Health Assessment

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Office of Emergency Management

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Emergency Notifications

Peak Alerts is the Emergency Notifications System for the El Paso and Teller County regions. Sign up for Peak Alerts so you can receive emergency and non-emergency notifications delivered to your phones, text, email, Everbridge app, and social media.

Healthy Mountain Living

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Sexual Health Services
(Family Planning)

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Our clinic is a safe and completely confidential environment. All services at the clinic are offered on a sliding fee scale based on your income and are usually either low-cost or free. Services for Medicaid clients are free. No one will be turned away for their inability to pay.

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What is Public Health & Environment?

Teller County Public Health and Environment is a department within the Teller County Government that exists to promote our vision of Healthy Mountain Living in our community. We monitor the health status of the Teller County citizens and establish strong community partnerships to identify and solve health problems. We educate and empower the community to become part of the root of health and wellness. Teller County Public Health and Environmental is committed to promoting health and wellness within the community. We are committed to protecting the community from communicable diseases and environmental hazards.

Our goals

  • Identifying the needs of individuals, families and the community in order to collaborate, develop and design programs to address public health needs
  • Providing resources, referrals and health education for prevention of disease through multiple strategies
  • Assuring quality and fiscal responsibility in all programs and services Teller County Public Health is funded by tax dollars and individual state and private grants we apply for based on community assessment data and state legislation (exp. tobacco tax dollars) and fees for services and donations by individuals and businesses (exp. pharmacy fund that is a joint initiative with Community Partnership of Teller County).

Teller County Public Health also accepts donations to enable the continuation of our many programs.

Statement of Inclusion

Teller County Public Health and Environment values and welcomes people of all ages; ethnicities; genders; gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations; languages spoken; nationalities and cultures; physical, mental, and developmental abilities; races; religions; and socio-economic, insurance, and immigration status.

Our governing board is the Teller County Board of Health (also known as the County Commissioners).