Special Events Permit

Teller County wants to ensure that all events held within the County are safe and successful. Therefore, Teller County Administration asks event organizers who are holding events in Teller County to provide a completed Special Events Permit application.

This application requests specific information about the event such as: Description of event, Number of participants and spectators, insurance, affected roads, food service, structures, sanitation and emergency services, etc.

  • A 'simple' event, such as low attendance (less than 50 participants/spectators) with little impact on roadways and overall public safety and welfare, may require at least 2 months lead time for application submission before the proposed event date.
  • A 'complex' event, such as high attendance (more than 50 participants/spectators), with heavy impact on roadways, traffic and parking considerations, a bicycle or moto-cross event, large concert, which would have a large impact on public safety and welfare, may require 4 months or more lead time for application submission before the proposed event.

Having the event organizer provide the application information enables Administration to provide that event information to various County departments for review of their specific requirements for your event such as, but not limited to: Traffic control (signs/road usage), Parking accommodations, Food Service/Vendor (licensing/permits), Sanitation (trash, port-o-potties, wastewater, etc.), Emergency services (fire, ambulance) and Temporary Structures/Tents. You, the event organizer, will then be advised of any requirements needing your attention and response prior to the event. You, the event organizer, are responsible for contacting those County departments as needed to work out the details of the requirements.

When those requirements are satisfied, your proposed event is placed on a Board of County Commissioners public meeting agenda, for their review and consideration, and the resulting decision is communicated back to you.

Any stipulations (such as but not limited to: 'Event in Progress' signs, port-o-potties, insurance certificates, etc.) would be outlined in the decision letter.

Currently, there is no fee for this application process.

Application forms associated with the Teller County Special Events Permit Form:

The Event Coordinator and Food Vendor Applications must be completed prior to the event and must be returned to Keri Ptak, Environmental Health Officer, at 719-687-6416 or by emailing Keri Ptak.