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Civil Process Information, Form & Fee Schedules

If you would like to request Processes for Service by mail, please print and complete the Civil Process for Service Form (PDF).

You will also need to review the Service Fee and Mileage Schedule (PDF) to see what service fees apply to your Process for Service request.

Enclose the following items:

  • Completed Civil Process for Service Form
  • Papers to be served
  • Review the Service Fee and Mileage Schedule and determine the appropriate fees
  • A check made out to Teller County Sheriff's Office (TCSO)

Mail to:

Teller County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Division
P.O. Box 27 (USPS)
11400 Highway 24 (FedEx or UPS)
Divide, CO 80814

Eviction Process Overview

The following information is not intended to be legal advice and does not address specific statutory and legal issues of evictions and Writs of Restitution. Our intent is to provide general guidelines related to the Teller County Sheriff’s Office policy and procedure for executing a Writ of Restitution (evictions). 

The forms referred to below can be found at the Colorado State Judicial Branch website

The Residential Eviction Process Consists of Three Steps:

  1. Notice to Vacate, Notice to Quit (10 days notice effective 5/20/2019) - also referred to as the Landlord Eviction Form
      a)  The property owner/manage can post this notice.
      b)  Notice must give a time limit.
  2. Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer - also referred to as Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED)
      a)  If tenant fails to vacate, the property owner/manager must go to the Teller County Courthouse to obtain  a Summons in Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer and be scheduled for a court date.
      b)   May be served by a disinterested party over the age of 18
      c)   Must be served or posted no later than 7 days prior to the Court hearing
  3. Writ of Restitution (Eviction Order) - order to remove tenants and their possessions from the property
      a)  If the Court renders a verdict in favor of the property owner, they will issue a Writ of Restitution. The Writ will not be issued until at least 48 hours after the entry of the judgment.
      b)  The Writ of Restitution must be brought to the Sheriff’s Office civil division to schedule a date and time for the Writ to be executed (the actual eviction).
      c)  The Writ of Restitution is posted at the property at least 48 hours before the Writ is executed.
      d)  Effective June 28, 2021, the Writ of Restitution cannot be executed until at least 10 days after the judgement is issued.
      e)  At the time of the eviction, the property owner/manager must have a crew available to move the tenant’s possessions to the curb. He/she must also arrange to have the locks changed at this time.