Fire Information

Know, listen, and follow emergency instructions! During times of an emergency, it is critical to understand the terminology used by public safety officials. All emergency notifications from the Teller County Sheriff's Office will utilize the same terms regardless of the hazard. It is your responsibility to be familiar with these terms because they can save your life. Sign up for Peak Alerts to receive emergency notifications.

Pre-Evacuation Warning

Public safety officials may issue a Pre-evacuation Warning for your area. This means that there is a high probability that you will be ordered to evacuate.

  • You need to act immediately to prepare to leave
  • If you need transportation assistance, arrange it now
  • If you need additional time to evacuate, get prepared to leave now
  • If you are in a Pre-evacuation Warning area, YOU DO NOT have to wait to be ordered to leave, get your things together, and get moving
  • Continue listening to local radio, television, or the official agency social media outlets for further instructions


Public safety officials may advise you to shelter in place. This means that the best way to stay safe in an emergency is to get inside a building or vehicle.

  • Where you should stay can be different for different types of emergencies
  • Act quickly and with a purpose
  • Continue to listen to local radio, television, or the official agency social media outlets for further instruction

Burn Permit Information

Open Burning Permits

All persons must have a Teller County Sheriff’s Office Open Burning Permit for the burning of materials contained in an outdoor fireplace, barbecue grill, or pit and with a total fuel area of MORE THAN 3 feet (914mm) in diameter and/or MORE THAN 2 feet (610mm) in height.

You may complete the application below and mail or deliver to the Sheriff's Office along with the fee of $10 or come to the office and fill out an application in person.

Burn Permit Application (PDF)

Note: Burn permits are not active until payment is received and a permit number is assigned.

Physical Address:
11400 W. Highway 24
Divide, CO 80814
Mailing Address:
Teller County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 27
Divide, CO 80814

Open Fire Ban and Burn Permit Ordinance Information (Ordinance #17)