Get a Burn Permit

Open Burning Permits

All persons must have a Teller County Sheriff’s Office Open Burning Permit for the burning of materials contained in an outdoor fireplace, barbecue grill, or pit and with a total fuel area of MORE THAN 3 feet (914mm) in diameter and/or MORE THAN 2 feet (610mm) in height.

You may complete the application below and mail or deliver to the Sheriff's Office along with the fee of $10 or come to the office and fill out an application in person.

Burn Permit Application (PDF)

Note: Burn permits are not active until payment is received and a permit number is assigned.

Physical Address:
11400 W. Highway 24
Divide, CO 80814

Mailing Address:
Teller County Sheriff's Office
PO Box 27
Divide, CO 80814